By Sylvana Ambrosanio

With the praises coming thick and fast from all corners of the boxing world about the Kronk fighters thought it was about time we got to know a bit about the rising stars.

Today, I am here with Joseph Bonas who sat down with me for an exclusive one on one interview and talks about his  experiences leading up to the big fight and looks at what the future holds for him."I'm the one. THE ONE! I'm the chosen one. It's my turn. I control my destiny. I will be world champion!", stated Bonas who had his pro debut on the K9 v. Smith undercard. Watch out for Joseph Bonas - if you blink, you'll miss it!

SA: Joseph, for those who don’t know who you are, may you please introduce yourself?

JB: I am Joseph Bonas, a Romanian from Detroit, Michigan. I am a four time national champion as an amateur and recently just had my professional debut at the Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit.

SA: Congratulations on your win over Witt. How are you feeling after such a great start to your professional career?

JB: Thank you for the congrats. I feel very confident. The KO was a lot better than just a win. I feel like my pro debut couldn't be better.

SA: What are your thoughts on your first pro bout?

JB: My thoughts were I'm finally here making my pro debut at 19 years old after a whole decade. It felt good slipping my hands in some 10 ounce pro gloves to fight on a great card. I was thinking a lot but I stood focus.

SA: You said before the fight you will look for the knock out.

JB: The reason why I said I will look for the knockout on Coy Witt is because I'm a good mind reader and judge of character. I sized him up in the first 2 seconds of meeting him. He was more than nervous.

SA: Do you already know when you will fight next?

JB: No, I don't. But I’m staying in shape waiting for the next call. Me and Sugar Hill have so many plans that we haven't talked about yet or even finished talking about. So there is so much more to come.

SA: Tell me about your amateur career and did you enjoy your amateur career?

JB: Yes I enjoyed my amateur career. It was a big part in my life. I went 25-0 before losing my first bout. I am a four time national champion. I won the Ringside tournament in 2006, the Silver Gloves in 2007 and then the Ringside again in 2009. Then I finished my amateur career in 2010 after winning the Junior Olympics National. I was voted the ‘Most Outstanding Boxer’ at 154 pounds with a record that consisted of 43-2.

SA: What was your motivation for entering the pro ranks?

JB: My motivation in entering the pro ranks is knowing that I'm the best. I’ve been sparring pros since I was 15 years old. This is what I want. I love the science of it all. It's also a good way to represent my Romanian people and the city where I come from. Plus. it pays good! ha.

SA: How did you prepare yourself for this new journey in your boxing career?

JB: I took it to the next step – to a whole different level. I started eating good, training harder and also running alot more. And also got very prepared mentally for the pros.

SA: I know you have trained with some great champions. Tell us about your experience and who did you train with?

JB: I have trained with some great champions! It was a big experience for me to go to Miguel Cottos training camp to be his sparring partner. I’ve learned so much by just watching him. I’ve been to the Wladimir Klitschko camp twice and loved it more than any other camp I’ve been to. I met great people. I have also been in the K9 camp as his main sparring partner. He is a great person and tremendous fighter. Him being in the gym with me made me take it to a different level. The Jonathan Banks camp also stood out for me a lot. I loved to see him spar and he always been someone I watched growing up. He deserves to be where he is at.

K9, Lanardo Tyner, Joseph Bonas & Anthony Barnes

SA: How did working with these fighters help you mentally and physically?

JB: It gave me so much more confidence to do what I love to do in boxing. Period. I try and train harder than people in the gym with me in general and I also make sure I learn something new every day.

SA: So what about the transition from amateur to professional boxing? Were there many habits to unlearn, or is it more like an ongoing process?

JB: For me it was a little bit different. It was an ongoing process also. One reason that plays a big part in it is Sugar Hill teaching me the pro way since I have been an amateur. So I have been feeling like a pro.

SA: You are representing the world famous Kronk Gym. How did you get involved with boxing?

JB: Yes, I am a Kronk boy for life! I always loved fighting. And also got into fights at school. I loved to test my own skills. The Kronk gym is one mile away from the street that I grew up on. My father took me and my twin brother to the gym and I fell in love with it.

SA: You are trained by Emanuel Steward’s nephew Javon Sugar Hill. What did you learn from the great Emanuel Steward – what was your relationship with him?

JB: Yes, Sugar Hill is who puts the hard work in with me. I learned more boxing from Hill than anything I have ever learned from a teacher at school. The relationship between me and Emanuel is a little bit different. Emanuel showed me places and things that will always stick with me. I had to trust and believe and do what he tells me in the corner. He trained 40 plus world champions so that proof gives me so much more to take to the ring with me. It was great having him.

Jacob Bonas, Sylvana Ambrosanio & Joseph Bonas

SA: What role does boxing play in your life?

JB: Boxing plays a big role in my life. A lot of people look up to me. Boxing is a way I show people the real me.

SA: I know you have not had an easy life. How has this affected you as a person and an athlete?

JB: No I haven't had an easy life. Growing up in a rough neighborhood was a bumpy road! I always told myself, how did my Mom and Dad find this place! Them being from Romania and out of all the cities in the world, I end up in Detroit. The experience of being incarcerated for a couple years and seeing what I seen in the streets changed the way I look at life. It pushes me to do good and accomplish my goal.

SA: Also, what would you say makes you different and special in comparison to the other prospects out there?

JB: I'm the one. The one! I'm the chosen one. It's my turn. I control my destiny. I have dreams and aspirations and no one will take that away from me. I will be world champion. Alot of fighters just hope they will be.

SA: What is Joseph Bonas like outside the ring? What do you like to do for fun, and what are your hobbies?

JB: I'm a very out going person and easy to talk to. I'm very understandable. I like seeing people around me being happy. I like bowling, pool, playing basketball and swimming. I like going out to eat with a lot of people and I like trying new things.

SA: Which fighters did you admire growing up?

JB: I'm a Detroit guy so I watched a lot of Detroit fighters. I can't say I have a favorite fighter because I admire every world champion.

SA: What are your ambitions for this year and where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

JB: My ambitions are to get as many fights as I can and make my name known. World champion with a very nice mansion, nice cars and most importantly a beautiful wife and kids pushing me to my next world championship.

SA: Do you have a message to all your fans and supporters out there?

JB: Message to my fans - thank you. I appreciate the support and motivation you give me. I do this for every fan! I will train harder every time to keep the excitement going.