By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Heavyweight prospect Justin Jones, 15-0

SA: Justin, thanks for talking to me. How’s everything going?

JJ: You're very welcome. Everything is not as I hoped it to be at this point, but I'm hoping and pushing for it to turn around.

SA: We last saw you in the ring back in April 2012 when you won a UD decision against Andrew Greeley. Any plans when we will see you back in the ring?

JJ: I'm not exactly sure when I will get a chance to display my talents next. But I'm sure hoping it's sooner rather than later.

SA: If you had the chance to match up your own fight – who would you choose to fight next?

JJ: If I could choose my next fight, it would be against a well-balanced opponent in the ranking area of 30-50, because of my inactivity. 

SA: You spent some time in the Klitschko's training camp. What were the main lessons that you took away from that and how will you utilise them in the future?

JJ: Going to the Klitschko camp, I had a chance to be in there with the best. I was motivated because I thought that I can eventually reach that level of perfection with hard work and good planning. The main lesson I took home with me was that, when you are boxing on an elite level, you can't afford any mistakes and you have to be tuned in and totally focused because one solid one to the chin can end a mans best effort! It was very inspiring because you learn so much. A baby can't learn much from another baby! It must learn from someone with a higher intelligence. So boxing with Klitschko, Banks, watching Andy, 3D and Tony was great.

SA: How much of an inspiration is it to train with legendary trainers such as James Ali Bashir?

JJ: Working with Bashir showed me that I have more growing to do and that I can be so much better.

SA: What would a normal week look like for you in the build-up to a fight?

JJ: Last day of sparring 6 days before the fight. Last day of bag work and running 4 days before the fight. Mitt work and shadow box until the fight. Nothing special.

SA: So I wonder has boxing always been a passion of yours?

JJ: Fighting has always been a passion of mine. I had so many fights as a youngster - it was a way of life. Boxing is more controlled then fighting. I like the art of mixing styles.

SA: Who is your favourite all-time and current boxers?

JJ: My favorite all time boxer is Willie Pep. More current is James Toney. I like skilled fighters.

SA: Who inspired you to get into the ring and why?

JJ: Fighting was always a part of me, but my brother actually got me in the ring at a tough man competition! That's how it began.

SA: What are your best skills and abilities? Do you have a best punch?

My best skills are my feet and elusiveness by far. As a boxer I consider myself as an adapter. I can change my style according to who I fight. I don't have a best punch but I like to throw the left hook because it seems to land more often than not. Fighters always looking for the big right hand.

what do you think makes you different in comparison to the other contenders?

JJ: I believe I am different because of my athletic ability and also my will.

SA: Do you see yourself fighting world class level sometime soon?

JJ: A world class boxer needs many things but among the most important is mental strength. Define soon?!... If 2 years is soon, then yes! If I have some good activity, then 1 year.

SA: What legacy would you like to leave?

JJ: It would take too long to describe what I want to leave behind. Let's just say a positive example of a man. World Champ!!!

SA: We've spoke about the Justin Jones within the ring, tell us about yourself outside of it? 

JJ: Outside the ring, I am a family man with a wife and a son. The only other interest I have is my spiritual interest.

SA: Being a professional boxer is a huge commitment. How does it affect your life outside of the ring?

JJ: Being a rising boxer is very hard. I'm just blessed to have an understanding wife who is patient, and is letting me chase my dream.

SA: So what is next for Justin Jones?

JJ: In 2013, I hope to assemble a team that I can trust. A team who has the know how and the experience to get me busy and a chance to move in the rankings with good fights.

SA: Do you have a message to your supporters?

JJ: Thanks for all the support!