By Sylvana Ambrosanio

"I love fighting all over the world, and not yet, but hey, give me a minute. I am a light welter, but I can fight at 147...I am a fighter, which encompasses everything. I was taught to do it all, adapt to whatever. My right is what I am best known for, but my left hook to the body is my favorite," stated former lightweight champion Nate Campbell, who discussed his career with me.

SA: Who is your inspiration in the world of boxing?

NC: Old School fighters and trainers like Charley Williams Frank Jimenez

SA: What is the toughest/easiest fight so far?

NC: My 9th fight was tough but Ali Funeka was really tough because of all the weight loss. None are easy but Diaz was pretty easy to me but still Kid Diamond was truly a cake walk.

SA: You have been fighting all over the world. Do you have a fight coming up?

NC: Well I love fighting all over the world and not yet but hey give me a minute

SA: Who would you like to fight next in the division?

NC: I am a lightweight/light welter but hey I can fight 147

SA: Other than your enormous fighting spirit, what do you feel is your best asset?

NC: Well I feel my natural ability and my sheer desire to win and the vow I made to my dad to go down fighting in life is truly my greatest asset.

SA: How would describe your boxing style and what is your best punch?

NC: I am a FIGHTER which in compasses everything I was taught to do it all adapt to whatever my right is what I am best known for but my left hook to the body is my favorite

SA: What does your training consist of?

NC: My training is a lot of boxing bag work pads etc and cross training tire pulling sledge hammer etc. Sparring is my favorite I just love to fight 

SA: Do you think the world of boxing has changed or decreased because of MMA?

NC: Boxing is decreasing but because of the business of boxing and nothing else.

Roy Jones Jr, Sylvana Ambrosanio & Nate Campbell

SA: What do you do in your free time apart from boxing?

NC: I love to hang out with Rosalyn and we just do everything but I love work on old cars

SA: What do people not know about you?

NC: People don't know I am still a fan of boxing

SA: If you could write your own script, what would the next 10 years of your life look like?

NC: Well it would consist of me living a quiet life with my family and commentating boxing

SA: What or who do you credit your success to?

NC: The secret to my success has always been my faith in my God and myself.

SA: Did you set yourself a goal?

NC: I wanted to be world champion and the be the best

SA: Do you have anything you would like to tell the fans?

NC: I would love to say that I love and thank them for all the years they stood by me through thick and thin THANK YOU.