By Sylvana Ambrosanio


Ricky Pow sat down with SylvanaBoxing a few days after his victory on saturday to talk about his boxing career and personal life, don't miss it! "Winning the WBC Mundo Hispano title is definitely my first priority this year and then see what opportunities come after that. I just want people to remember me as a fearless boxer that would accept any challenge and to respect me for that."

Ricky and his cousin Andrew (many thanks for setting this interview up)

SA: First of all congratulations on your victory on Saturday.  How are you feeling?

RP: Thank you very much and I am feeling great and very pleased with our win.

SA: You won by knock out in the 2nd round. What are your thoughts on the fight?

RP: My team and I are very pleased with the way the fight went. We dominated the fight from start to finish with a very experienced opponent that has shared the ring with some great fighters, the likes of Gregorz Proksa and gone the distance, so to get the stoppage was a great win.

SA: So everything went as you expected and had trained for?

RP: We had a brilliant training camp and trained for a hard fight but fortunately we caught our opponent with a good right hand that got the job done early.

SA: Can you give us an idea of what a typical day will look during your camp?

RP: We generally base our morning workouts on fitness and strength and conditioning and our evening session are boxing based with sparring, pad work, bag work etc

SA: What is your plan for the day of your fight? 

RP: On fight day I am always thinking of my game plan and going through the fight in my head. In the dressing room before the fight I always have mixed emotions, nerves, adrenaline, fear but I am always confident in myself and use all them emotions to my advantage.

SA: When you are in between fights do you stay in the gym or do you only train during training camp prior to an upcoming bout?


RP: I am always in the gym and keep myself fit because you never know when the phone will ring and an opportunity could come at any time. So if that opportunity comes I want to be able to grab it with both hands.  

SA: Let’s start from the beginning...

RP: Boxing has always been a loved sport in my family with my grandfather and father being big boxing fans, so I was brought up always watching the big fights on TV. I was never really interested in school and my dad pointed me in the direction of boxing and that’s how it started. I can remember walking into my first boxing gym at the age of 12 and being terrified of the place.

SA: How about you tell us about your outstanding amateur career - are there any moments that stand out in your memory for either good or bad reasons?

RP: I fought 56 amateur fights winning 51. I was Spanish amateur champion 2004 and 2005 and I was also a gold medal winner in the international tournament of Haringey Box Cup in London UK in 2009. They are all great memories from my amateur boxing career. 2 time Spanish amateur champion, Haringey Cup Gold Medal winner and ABA (UK national Championships) semi finalist.

Tyson Fury & Ricky Pow

SA: You fought Tyson Fury in the amateurs. What is your prediction for his upcoming bout against Steve Cunningham?  

RP: I fought Tyson Fury in the semi finals of the English nationals and lost on a majority decision. It was a brilliant fight and a great experience. I think Fury has definitely got the tools to beat Cunningham but he will have to be a 100% as Cunningham is very experienced and always a great competitor.

SA: I understand you could have gone to the Olympics. Why did you not end up going?

SA: I had the opportunity to stay amateur with the Spanish Olympic team after winning 2 consecutive championship titles but my dream has always been to be a pro boxer and when the opportunity came I couldn’t refuse it.

SA: Out of your 10-1-0 fights – is there any fight that stands out the most?   

RP: My win against Adasat Rodriguez. He was undefeated at the time when we fought and touted as a huge prospect in Spain and on the European scene. I was a massive underdog but stopped him in the first round and that really got my name on the map. 

SA: What would you say is the biggest lesson you have learnt so far?

RP: Biggest lesson is always to have respect for all fighters and never underestimate anyone. I am always in the gym learning new things, a lot of the time I like fighting too much and forget about my boxing skills but I am improving with this and getting better every day.

SA: What do you feel you bring to the table and makes you special to stand out from the rest?

RP: I fear nobody and will box anyone anywhere. I have travelled a lot as an amateur and a pro. I am not scared to take risks. I can adapt to any boxing style allowing me to box when needed and to fight when needed. I am a come forward fighter that will always put everything in to all of my fights. I am always working on my power in the gym so that whatever punch I throw it doesn’t matter where it lands it will hurt!

SA: Regarding nutrition, do you have a strict nutritional regimen or do you pretty much eat whatever you want?


RP: I wish I could eat what I want (laughs) I am always watching what I eat. Of course when not in training camp I can have the odd treat but as soon as training camp starts I have a very high protein diet to ensure that come fight night I am as strong as I can be.


SA: I hear you’re not just a boxer, but also a trainer and run a gym. Is that correct? Not every day you see a boxer do that. 


RP: Yea that’s correct, I love being around the gym and helping out with the kids and amateurs that we have in the club. Obviously all amateurs look up to a pro fighter so if I can help them or inspire them in anyway I do. Our gym is like a big family. Its run by my trainer/manager Alberto Gonzalez and he provides a brilliant atmosphere for all of us and treats everyone the same whether you’re amateur, pro or just keeping fit, no exceptions and I would not want that any other way. 

SA: What would you say to any youngsters that are thinking about taking up the sport?

RP: Boxing is a great sport and will definitely get the best out of any individual. My advice is believe in yourself and that with hard work the rewards will come your way eventually. There will always be setbacks in your career but never let them get you down, learn from them and come back stronger. 

SA: Do you already know when we will see you back in action?


RP: Hopefully soon. I am now eligible to fight for the WBC Mundo Hispano title so we will be hoping to finalize that and challenge for it before the summer. 

SA: Anyone you have an eye on?

RP: My next step will be fighting for the WBC Mundo Hispano title and I would love to fight Gabriel Campillo, a former 2 time world champion from Madrid, Spain and my promoter is working hard to make that fight happen.

SA: So for those who have not been lucky to get to know you – why don’t you tell us about yourself and your life outside of the ring?

RP: I am very quiet and generally keep myself to myself. I am a real TV buff. I love watching films. My favorite being the Godfather and favorite food is definitely spaghetti bolognese. I must get all that from the Sicilian part of my family hahaha! I love listening to The Ratpack. It helps me relax. I was born in the UK but grew up with my family in Alicante, Spain when my family emigrated there in 1990 and think it’s great. My mum is Sicilian originally so I still have a lot of family there and think it’s a brilliant culture to have in my blood.

SA: What about your family? How do they feel about you fighting?  

RP: My family support me 100% with my boxing and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them. No kids and single, I don’t really have time to meet many girls but would love to meet someone soon to share my life with.

SA: Would you like to share some up’s and down’s in your life with us?

RP: When I was young I was very rebellious and used to get in trouble on the streets like most teenagers but those experiences have made me who I am and taught me a lot about life and made me very wise. I think people reading this interview will see that I am just a genuine guy, training and working hard to make something of my life.

SA: What motivates you to keep going?

RP: I want to be a world champion and want to be known to people for being a great and entertaining boxer. My dream is to fight in the US and one day challenge for that prestigious green belt. 

Ricky with his nephew and niece

SA: What would you like to have achieved by the end of the year?

RP: Winning the WBC Mundo Hispano title is definitely my first priority this year and then see what opportunities come after that. 

SA: What kind of legacy would you like to leave in the boxing world?

RP: I just want people to remember me as a fearless boxer that would accept any challenge and to respect me for that.

SA: Is there anything that you would like to add to the interview?

RP: I think we have covered everything there is to know about myself and I just hope that the boxing world accepts me and that the US public like what they hear.

SA: Do you have a message to your fans, supporters and our readers?

RP: A massive thanks to and massive thanks to everyone that reads this interview and all the support is always welcomed and I am very grateful to every fan and supporter I have. God bless you all.

SA: Once again, thank you for taking the time to talk to